Mermaid Recipe


do not  just exist

they have history


their history

is in the future


are special creatures


require special attention



A lot of





effort is

needed for a Mermaid

to exist

within this physical domain

a region

in space and time

for which she is not


As such

the practical mermaid

taking on the advice of a kind



the need to conform her body

to the external constraints imposed

by her physical environment


eagerly searches for

sagacious solutions

to enable

her primate body

to be transformed



thorough the magic


synergistic technologies

into a

virtual fish


the facade


layer of glitz and bling

that mesmerizes

the unsuspecting eye


the flesh

of her mammalian self

Her life

started in water

birthed into air

and through metamorphosis

re-enters the marine environment

this time

through the synergistic

technological accessories

which enable her to live

in harmony with her

natural environment

her watery cocoon

her mother ocean

The humans of the present

can only glimpse


a mermaid

For she is a future directed creature

an organism

involved in concerted technological evolution

a process driven at present


the imagination

and the playfulness

 of the mammalian brain

But the mermaid of the future

as it approaches the time critical period

may be driven

with increasing rapidity

to evolve

accelerated due to external forces

outside of her present ken

but though she may be blind of this impending need

just being on the path

the path towards the incarnation of a mermaid existence

may put her in good stead

to undergo a successful transformation

into the desired

future directed corporeal realization

of many

a pirates

nocturnal fantasies


scanning the waves for hidden dangers

A recipe

is a special magic

that due to it’s commonality


no longer recognize as such

In the same way as a mobile phone

to a Neanderthal

would be

magic indeed

So what is a

Mermaid Recipe?

If you are a mermaid

ever hopeful

then bear with me as I transgress

for in transgression

I may

peel a scale from your mind

so that you may see clearer

the destiny

that could befall you

if you so choose

try to blank your mind

and imagine yourself to be an common egg

But that is impossible!

I hear you say

how can I imagine myself to be an egg?

You are correct

you are not

nor could not

be an egg

but humour me for a second

and imagine

your future

if you were a yolky chicken egg

still sitting beneath a mother hen

if you stand outside


and look at the egg you inhabit

sort of outside the egg

and see yourself nestled under your mother hen

that is how I want you to view yourself

for this present discourse on

mermaids recipes.

How so!

I hear you bark

this is ludicrous!

I am not an egg

I am a child

and I want to be a mermaid

how can this

in any way

help me to be a mermaid


a mermaid

needs a lot of imagination

a lot of will power

 a lot of patience

and a lot of determination

So now that you are a little settled.

See your self nestled as an egg

beneath our mother hen


I want you to stand back a little further back

outside the hen house

I want you to see a small clutch of little chicks

pecking at the seeds in the yard

contentedly following

the mother hen around the yard

look back into the hen house

see your self under mother hen

Now visualize  yourself hatching

from that egg in a few days

see the life path

from you in the egg

 to you  scratching around in the yard

eating the seeds

it is a very easy

thing to imagine


the process

is extremely complicated

the machinery of transformation

which is a this moment

transforming you as an embryo

in the egg into the chick

scratching for seeds in the yard

is to complex

for anyone

or any institution on earth to fathom

this process

called life

is the most incredible


known in the universe

Now while observing the chick in the yard

i want you to pull back away from the chick

and the hen-house

so that they are both in the picture

I now want you to draw a line in your mind

from the embryo in the egg

to the chick in the yard

call that path 1

now if you raise your vision up a bit

you will see a farmhouse in the distance

while keeping the egg and the chick in the foreground in your mind

i want you to look

beyond the egg and the chick

can you imagine a window in the farmhouse?

and can you imagine the farmers wife walking  past the window?

if you can

you have a great imagination

and that is very important

if you want to be a mermaid


it will take a lot of imagination

and a lot of co-operation

to become a real mermaid


I want you to slowly

zoom in on the window

I want you to see the farmer  wife

she is busy in the kitchen

she has a book open


is flicking through the pages

she rests the book up on a stand

and she reaches into the fridge for a pint of milk

she puts it on the counter

now she grabs a bag of flour and some scales

and then a pot of sugar

ohh !

 now she is grabbing some eggs

quickly I want you to pull back

to behind the chicken house

I want you to now mentally connect the chicken egg

that is you beneath the hen

to the egg that the farmer’s wife

has in her hand

call this path 2

Now zoom back into the kitchen

what is the farmers wife doing?

She is measuring out the milk

she is weighing the flour

and spooning the sugar into a bowl

there you are

you are in her hand

she has cracked your shell

you are now being plopped into a bowl

and mixed with the flour, milk and sugar

you are now not an egg at all

you are a mixture

it is hard to determine what was yourself

in all of that mixture

you are now part of a whole

something that is bigger then what you were previously

this mixture is now being poured into a tin baking pan

and placed into an oven heated to 120 degrees F


this thing that you are part of is being transformed

into something

which is quite unlike

anything you were before

you are now part of something

which is rapidly metamorphosing into something

completely different

a completely new thing

with properties

so unlike the original mixture

it is nearly unidentifiable

it is like magic

you are transformed



a cake

pull back

to outside the hen house

see your first path

and your second path

try not to be judgmental

try  not to choose a path

just observe

both pathways involved a process

the first path

was the natural pathway

the way that nature intended

an egg

changing through time into a chick

an utterly remarkable transformation

from a yellow yolk and egg white

into a living , breathing scratching chick

the second path

the egg was cracked open

mixed with other items

until it would be imposible to reconstitute it back to it’s original form

then it was transformed with heat

into a structure

which was completely different from each of the original ingredients

this was a process of transformation

and metamorphosis as well

but this time

it was a directed transformation

it was directed by the farmers wife

it was a concerted transformation

in that she knew that in her mind she wanted to bake a cake

she collected the ingredients for the cake

she then mixed them to get everything exactly  in the right ratio

then she appplied exactly the right heat

for the exactly right amount of time

and the result was a perfect cake

The farmer’s wife


the raw ingredient

an egg

mixed it with other raw ingredients

and using a recipe

transformed it

into something

it could never have been on it’s own

So in summary

you as a little egg

under the hen

actually have no idea of your future

it is directed by forces outside your control


two possible scenarios

for your future path

could be path 1

where you hatch as a healthy little chick

or path 2 where you

are used in a recipe

to undergo a transformation into a cake

Of course

there are litterally thousands of alternative pathways including

scrambled eggs

boiled egg

dropped on ground

eaten by a snake



i just wanted to create in your mind a visual image

of the concept of different life paths


how a recipe can transform something form  one thing into an other

But what has this got to do with mermaids?

Read on!

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