The mindset of a future directed mermaid.

A mermaid

you cannot become a mermaid

they do not exist

they cannot exist

they are mythical creatures

And on and on it goes

no one understands

my desire to be

what they say

I cannot be

Can’t they see

that beneath the thin


of reality

in which they exist

there are

other realities

quite different from our own

where mermaids can and do exist

I am not meaning

I want to be a mermaid today

or even tomorrow

but in the future

I want to transport myself

from this city bound existence


an idyllic existence

by the sea

where I can live in harmony

with the marine environment

I know mermaids

do not exist

I know they are biologically


but that is not what I want to be anyway

I want to live for the dream

be the dream

exist in an other way

closer to nature

part of nature

in tune with nature

in tune with my inner being

I want to explore

my inner soul

the driving force

of my reality

I want to be

like a mermaid

in harmony with my external environment


internally content.

I know mermaids are not biologically possible

they could not exist

as such in the real world of Darwinian evolution

due to biological constraints

which everyone is always

more then eager to point out!


I want to be a !mermaid

a techno-mermaid

so to speak

a 21st century


of what is possible


modern technological innovations

are directed in a concerted way


living in the marine environment

I do not want to be half fish/ half girl

I want to be


but living a marine existence

in harmony with other life forms

working towards supporting the planet

not destroying it

I do not want to be living in a city

part of the global problem

I want to be living closer to nature

in the ocean

and part of the

global solution

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