I want to be a mermaid!

Mermaids are mythical creatures

dreamed up

from the ocean depths

by lonely sailors

in the bleakest of weather

on the deck

of sailing ships


they sing an enchanting song

of love

and warmth

of harmony



in moments of utter despair


in the past

mermaids have been mythical creatures

existing in the minds of lonely sailors

As such

they have been

and always will be

only able to exist

in the imagination

as they


unfit to inhabit

the corporeal world

being half girl

and half fish


if you have dreams

of a mermaidy existance

fear not

for you exist in a realm of possibilities

which has never existed before in time and space

you exist at the nexus

of biology and technology

You inhabit

a world

of unimaginable potentialities

a time in which

the evolution of our species is no longer


to the ponderous


and undirected

march of biological evolution


Yes You

exist in a new reality

where  a concerted technological evolution

is able to drive

your desire

to live underwater

into an achievable goal

Like most

worthwhile goals

the transformation into a !mermaid

will take time

and effort

but like most great adventures

in life

the journey

is as exciting

as the


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