I want to be a mermaid!

I want to be a !mermaid

a synthesis of me

with technology


want to


the possibilities

that exist

for me

within the marine


I know it is a long swim

from where I am

to where

I want to be;


I will embark on this journey

with the knowledge

that as I swim

I will


all of the obstacles that others

see before me.

I know that I am not a fish


will ever be a classical mermaid

but that is not my ambition

my desire is to be a


a synergy of me

and technology


21st century reinterpretation


the classical mermaid

I know that

there exists

within the arc of possibilities

the potential

to create

 through concerted technological evolution

of accessories

not yet envisioned

that will enable me

to transform


my vision of myself in the future.

I want to transform

away from being a terrestrial animal

I do not want to be

constrained by my biological morphology

to a dry existence


in a world

in which I am forced

through natural physical forces


constantly fight gravity

to stay erect

and walk upon

the surface of the earth

Sometime in the near future

I choose

to explore

what is possible

what I can do

on a personal level

to transform into a marine animal

no longer

confined to the surface

of the ocean for oxygen and warmth

I look forward

to the journey

the adventure

of exploring the unknown

of living a life

outside of the conventional

suburban existence

of trying to discover a way

that I can

live an aquatic existence

in harmony

with the marine inhabitants

I want to learn

how to

create a lifestyle

that is sustainable into the future

that works

in harmony with other lifeforms

and creates a synergy


the biological

and the technological


plants and animals

I want to learn how to harness


forces of nature

to work within their constraints


find innovative solutions

which enable me


transform myself

and the environment

in which I exist

into the best

of the possible realities

I can


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