Mermaids: A guide for teachers

Are you a teacher?

Are your students all talking about mermaids?

Are you looking for interesting mermaid orientated themes to capture their attention and stimulate them to learn maths and science, and express their love of mermaids in the written word.

Perhaps I can help you

I am a teacher.

I have a 5 year old daughter who is a wanna be mermaid.

I also have a 22 year old son, who I have guided through a lot of practical in water skill and is now living the nearest approximation of a merman. He is sailing yachts for a living on the Great Barrier Reef and is snorkeling in mermaid paradise daily.

There are a lot of science and maths based activities that you can do within a school environment to stimulate the imagination of aspiring mermaids.

Perhaps you need advice on mermaid based questions, like could mermaids actually exist.

This blog is designed to help answer some of your questions, construct an interesting learning program and keep you at the forefront of everything mermaid.

Please feel free to ask questions and join in the Mermaid community.


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