A parents quide to Mermaids

I am the father of a five year old mermaid.

She is glued to the TV watching all of the mermaid series.

She is constantly asking questions about mermaids. She is looking for real answers.

I am in a fairly unique position to help others in this situation answer many of these questions and help guide you on your quest to turn their questions into fun and educational solutions.

In the first instance I am a marine biologist.

I have spent over 25 years working on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia as a dive instructor, sailing captain and marine biologist.

I have worked on some films on the Great Barrier Reef including Ocean Girl; a series produced by Johnathon Schiff who has also produced the Mermaid series currently on TV.

More importantly; I have been down this road before. I now have a son who is 22 years old. In most practical terms he is living an aquatic existence at the present moment. He is sailing a maxi yacht in the Whitsundays (see Broomstick Whitsundays) and is to some extent an incarnation of a merman (minus the tail).

I am a qualified primary school and high school teacher. I am currently teaching maths, science and ECDL (a GCSE computer course) to GCSE students across England and Wales. I travel weekly to different schools. I teach week long revision courses in each or these subjects to being the students up to date to sit their GCSE exams. As such, I am used to teaching school aged children at their level. I am also, to some extent, aware of their needs and concerns.

I have been interested in the questions posed by my daughter and by others on Quara. I have seen that there is a genuine interest in mermaids. I believe that we can harness this interest and create a series of useful home and school based programs that develop practical skills in developing mermaids.

I will strongly advise you to visit this blog and interact, ask questions and participate in the practical activities. They are fun ‘hands on’ activities which will in particular develop a deeper understanding of maths and science at a deeper level then is currently taught at school.



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