Mermaid Tails

Mermaids are comfortable in their own skin.
They love bling.

They are warm and compassionate creatures.

They are perfectly adapted to their marine environment.


Pirates are out of depth in the ocean.

They rely on the physical structure of a ship to stay alive.

They are perpetually struggling to survive.

They are not adapted to a marine environment : but they are rapidly evolving.


When mermaids meet pirates; realities collide.

Pirates who see mermaids are considered delusional.

Mermaids who watch pirates are captivated by the concepts of bling seen dancing in the imagination of the pirates.

The bling in the imagination of the pirate is incarnated in the reality of the mermaids.

As such realities cross and a future directed dynamic tension is created.

What !ships will emerge between the pirates and mermaids?


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